Sunday, August 31, 2014

Considering the Denial Bubble

ISIS has committed war crimes that make Genghis Khan look like a boyscout.  (Photo: RT)

    I try to be a calm and a positive force for good, here on the blog.  I do this because I think that the truth is often the less alarmist path, and also because in the US, people are so deluged by bad news from all sides that they have developed an ability to discount or set aside bad news entirely.  This means that a lot of people who really need to make emergency plans or to be ready to shelter in place, use their energies to box up the bad news they have heard, rather than actually making the plans in which they need to make, and then to follow through.  It takes energy to live in a bubble of denial, yet many people do.  It's been difficult in the past few months not to continually post world news which is very somber. I have tried to balance positive things with which we have power, while interspersing the things we should talk about, that are decidedly bad news.

                I have friends from my time in Russia who are wonderful generous people, but just as Barack Obama does not speak for me, Mr. Putin often does not speak for them.  I personally disapprove of Mr. Putin's quest to enter the sovereign nation of Ukraine. As I type, armored Russian units press deeper into Eastern Ukraine where there is already an humanitarian crisis. Mr. Putin himself denies that this is happening. There is also deep concern for Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, as the leader of Russia considers Ukraine's borders to be of no consequence to him.  Mr. Putin, a former leader of the KGB, has paid off Russian debt, and sharply upgraded all manner of military supplies and equipment.  There is also a mandatory military service for each young Russian, so there are plenty of young people to send in a larger scale war with Russia wherever it is fought.    There is also a propaganda machine gearing up as if to go to war.  Russia Today is wholly subsidized by Putin's war machine, and justifies all of Mr. Putin's actions.  I listen to RT daily and the chasm between BBC, DW, NHK, Arirang, and Euronews is now ever widening.  Mr. Putin has often said that the" greatest loss of the last century was the break up of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics" . It does not take much imagination to see that he may be trying to reassemble it during his tenure. No less than seventeen people who have stood in vocal opposition to Mr. Putin have died under unusual or quite ghastly circumstances. (One of the most notable, Alexander Litvinenko, a former KGB agent who was a specialist in organized crime, was killed using polonium laced tea while at home in London.  The polonium used was traced to Russia by Britain.). Mr. Putin is a strong leader who has championed the Russian Orthodox Church at home,and talks a good deal about ethics and morality, but this has not make him a positive force. He will apparently do anything to shape the world as he wishes in the name of the Russian Federation.  Sometimes, I wish we had a leader half as committed to our own nation, as Mr. Putin.

             Meanwhile, the US continues with an ineffectual leader who ignores the looming world on fire, and makes sweeping changes to American life while completely ignoring the US Constitution. This furthur provides unique opportunities in which to gain ground for Mr. Putin.  ISIS, who is more violent than Al Queda thinks is necessary or desirable, is gaining ground in Iraq and in Syria. 

            Here in the US, Rome burns while Nero golfs.  The US porous Southern border lets in countless illegal aliens, some of whom are extremely likely to be representatives of ISIS here on specific missions.
This week Judicial Watch, one of the best government watchdogs in the US, announced that high level US governmental forces have received information that an attack on the US through our Southern borders is imminent.    Rather than protecting us through this, many of us believe that the present Obama administration will likely use this to furthur strip our own personal freedoms and find ways to take our guns and ammunition. Increasingly, it seems that the broad arming of much of our citizenry might someday be all that prevents a foreign takeover of our nation and its remaining resources.

           ISIS has promised that we, the United States, will bathe in our own blood.  With a history of sexual violence which makes many of history's prior groups look like boyscouts, we have no doubt as to their intent.

         The world is moving in a very negative direction for most of us.  It is clearly time to make preparations necessary in order to stay home and eat there for an extended period if necessary. Be prepared to render normal and expected first aid/medical care as needed at home. Get CPR certified.  Take a concealed weapons course, if you haven't already. Take advantage of the present sales of freeze dried food.  Stock vinyl gloves should Ebola or other illnesses become an issue in your area. Learn to grow whatever you can, to eat. Take a look at the prior posts which cover a wide variety of preparedness subjects and were written at a rate of one every several days since 2011. You might want to follow this blog.  You can also buy a copy of my book on preparedness, the link is above.    I don't need you to be frightened, but I do need you to spend less energy and resources on the maintenance of a denial bubble, and more resources on making personal plans to keep yourself and your families safe throughout some difficult times, which look to be just up ahead.


Sunnybrook Farm said...

If I was ISIS, I would introduce a coordinated dispersal of Ebola throughout the country just before a busy travel holiday. Our new healthcare system has already damaged the ability to stop something like this. So much of our money has gone into health insurance and the whole thing is so rigged with high copay and deductibles that people can't afford to go seek care.
I can't buy freeze dried food, it is more economical to buy rice, grains, and beans as they are still cheap and have a long shelf life. The US has been lied to by the media and government and is about to be taught a hard lesson.

JaneofVirginia said...

ISIS tends to be low tech, quick return, blood and violence. Spreading Ebola in a place as large as the US provides them access problems. Access to the trash of a particular hospital would require a sleeper cell embedded prior to the present emergency.
We all must prep in whatever manner we are able. Thanks for your post.

russell1200 said...

per the caption on the picture: ISIS isn't even as cruel as the normal medieval period punishments little less as cruel as someone (Genghis Khan) who was noteworthy cruel for the time period.

They are garden variety evil fanatics.

JaneofVirginia said...

They are killing women and children and have committed atrocities, many of them of a sexual nature. They also plan to "spill as much blood as they can" on US soil. Judging from their effectiveness in Iraq and Syria, it looks as if we should be worried, as well as armed.

kymber said...

Jane - i come to your blog to get well-thought out and well-researched information. there are tons of scaremongers out there and i agree, most people are so tired of hearing all of this bad news, wars, terrorists, illegal immigrants that i almost can't blame them for sticking their fingers in their ears and saying "na na na na".

this thing about ISIS being on your southern border scares the living crap out me. ISIS is no Al Qaeda - they are much more like MS-13!!!!

we don't live in interesting times....we live in very dangerous times.

much love to you and yours Jane. oh and i really appreciated the article above this post about alluminum ammo. your friend,

JaneofVirginia said...

Thank you Kymber,
This was written prior to the purported beheading of Mr. Sotloff, the second journalist to be beheaded by ISIS over social media. ISIS needs the full attention of the US and foreign governments. Obama does not yet have a policy or an approach for them.