Thursday, May 15, 2014

The First Two Books of John Rixey Moore


       I don't often recommend books other than my own, but these are a rare treat.

 John Rixey Moore is a former Green Beret, a South Carolinian. an actor, a businessman, and an author.

Please take a look at these fascinating works.    I promise that his use of words and the pictures painted by these books are worth your own efforts to obtain them.


Dani said...

Hmmm - the second book appeals to me - "Company of Stone". Thanks for the recommendation :)

JaneofVirginia said...

Thanks, Dani. He really creates great pictures with his words.

Military Faker said...

In John Rixey Moore's book, Hostage of Paradox, his memoir's of the time he spent in Vietnam, as a Special Forces soldier aka Green Beret, is true.. That's about as far as the truth goes.. Brer Moore had a military career that most just dream of.. Why he had to embellish, and lie, is way above my pay grade..

His claims include, but are not limited to, his Awards & Decorations.. Brer Moore makes the claim that he is the recipient of the Distinguished Service Cross, recipient of (02) two Silver Stars, recipient of (05) five Bronze Stars, recipient of (03) three Purple hearts, and various and sundry other awards..

Making an inquiry to St. Louis and the National Archives, using the FOIA - Freedom of Information Act, I was sent a copy of his military records.. As Gomer would say, "Surprise, surprise, surprise".. Brer Moore was the recipient of one, key word, ONE Bronze Star, ONE Purple Heart, and the CIB.. Combat Infantry Badge.. I truly cannot fathom what it takes to spread LIES everywhere, when he had a great military career to start with..

He claims that he was a Covert Operative for the CIA.. Uh, not in his military records legally obtained from NPRC..

Here is my challenge to Brer Moore.. Prove me wrong John.. Prove me wrong OR make a public apology to all those who were/are the recipient of those awards.. You have just trashed the honor and dignity of the real men of Valor..

We both know you can't prove me wrong, so, you definitely need to make a public apology.. We both know you aren't going to apologize You, Brer John, like myself, are fully aware of the Stolen Valor Act.. If you lie about Awards & Decorations, which you have, and make a profit off of that book of lies, and you have, then you just violated the Stolen Valor Act..

Mr. Moore, I am so serious, do you truly want the FBI & a Federal Prosecutor involved..? Make a public apology on one of the major Stolen Valor Hunter websites, and re-categorize Hostage of Paradox, to the fiction section of various book stores, and this can go away.. If not, well you know.. ... ..Clay

JaneofVirginia said...

I included these books because they are well written and because they include vivid and interesting imagery. They are a great read.
I can understand why you would be upset and angry, if in fact, Mr. Moore does as you say.
With regard to the covert operative issue, I have no idea whether Mr. Moore was a covert operative. I do know however, that many branches of the military have been embroiled in cooperative projects with the CIA. I also know that it is still not possible to file a FOIA request and receive records that confirm being a covert operative. Some projects the CIA undertook even fifty years ago, and some of the projects of which they should be most proud, remain classified to this day. (Presumably, the projects themselves aren't hot items any longer, but there must be concerns regarding revealing methodologies.) People who were operatives for them are often not in paperwork, however former CIA operatives often know of their assistance in various operations.
I am not sure that Mr. Moore will read your post, or mine. Perhaps you can direct your inquiry to his publisher.
I send sincere thanks to you, for your own service to our country.