Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Best Portable Vacuum Cleaner


The Eureka Whirlwind Pet Lovers Plus Bagless Vacuum Cleaner.

       Like most of you who occasionally buy online, I get questions directed to me me from the seller of the items, usually from another one of their customers.  One man recently bought a vacuum cleaner and now wants to know since it needs maintenance/cleaning, what the next best model really is.  I could spend my entire day doing favors for the internet collective, and often I don't respond.   This time, I did.   I really like this particular vacuum so well that I have several of them. I even gave one as a gift.  I like them because it is bagless, and once you take it apart for emptying and then  reassemble, you know how, and can do so relatively quickly.  It's also light enough to be carried out to the car and still have the energy to find an extension cord and plug it in to the porch. (The cord is potentially thirty feet long, but I live in the country and everything here is spread out !)  This unit also keeps a cabin that is not lived in often, as clean as a whistle.  All three of mine sustain heavy use and are like new after three years of use.  Although it is bagless, there is a HEPA filter which should be replaced periodically.  The HEPA filter is quite expensive in Wal-Mart but fairly reasonable on Amazon, and so you might want to buy three HEPA filters at once.  I clean out the HEPA gently with a clean dry  toothbrush I keep for this purpose, and this keeps them from clogging.

      This unit is recognized as the very best vacuum in terms of picking up pet hair and fluff, and although my animals reside in their kennels or barns, I still really appreciate being able to keep everything "asthma and allergy clean".

       The reason I have three of these in different areas is that they are relatively inexpensive.   Amazon sells them for $80-$100. US.     They are also fairly widely available in Canada.  Since Eureka products are found worldwide, these are probably available in many places in the world.   They not only vacuum the carpets or floor below your feet quite well, but there is a nozzle which allows you vacuum the top of drapes, or even the farthest recesses of the interior of a foreign car !  It also keeps upholstered furniture immaculate.

        I realize that you can spend a great deal more money on a vacuum cleaner.   I do also have a wet dry vac for the workshop, but it's not really used in the house.  I really think that this is an excellent device.

       There is no vacuum that does not need a small bit of cleaning and maintenance.  They either need a bag changed, or to be cleaned or filters changed periodically.   As you might have guessed, I didn't tell the man seeking the next model up to get something else.  I told him to start doing the maintenance on the unit he has.  It takes no time to empty the dirt each time, and to check the filter every other time.  Once you know how, it's easy and very quick and keeps the unit working optimally.  In fact, it once tried to suck up a spoon with the wand feature !

        As always, I write about the items I like, and no one has paid me to tell you about this.  In the past, I have spent more money on vacuums but not been as pleased.    (I did really like that orange VAX I had when my children were small which was based on an aircraft engine. That company has gone out of business.)

       Hope this is useful information to you !

Info regarding The Eureka Whirlwind Pet Lovers Plus Vacuum Cleaner

This is a smaller version which is also really excellent !

Eureka Pet Lover Oh !

(I have one of these I paid $67. for on Amazon, which we use in my garage)


Alec Nelson said...

This machine is sold as a Volta velocity petlover here and normally goes for about $199 and even at that price I think they are a good buy. Honestly I do the repairs for and this machine will usually last 3-4 years with only needing to have the filter changed once a year which is much better than their competitors

JaneofVirginia said...

Thank you Alec, The additional information is very helpful. Please look around and see if there is other information on this blog that could be helpful to you. Best wishes,

BBC said...

I like my Kirby, not because they are a better vacuum, but because they last for many years.

JaneofVirginia said...

A vacuum that works well and lasts for a long time certainly deserves the honor of a place in our home.

Brigid said...

I don't know how many fairly expensive vacuums I got that quit working after a year, even with maintenance and regular bag changes, due to all the dog hair. I have a little Orek that a gal friend gave me when she retired and downsized and didn't need two vacuums (lugging a vacuum up and down stairs was hard for her with some health issues). It's been 3 years now and still working fine at the crash pad, but I will be in the market for a new one at home so I appreciate the info.

JaneofVirginia said...

An Oreck is a great vacuum. I still do like the ones above for portability, HEPA filter, ease of use, good price, and relative longevity. Thanks for posting, Brigid.