Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Law of Unintended Consequences

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    I have not been particularly gung ho about the last few "police actions" or wars the US entered in the Middle East.  It worried me that as Americans we might not understand the complexity of the longstanding relationships of the groups of people there, and that it could be difficult to predict outcomes fully.  Eventually though, I had to accept that our government and particularly our president had access to confidential information that I do not. I had to trust that what President GW Bush was saying was in the best interests of our nation.   I didn't embrace everything he did. I thought that he needed to take much more of a hard line against illegal immigration than he did, but I believed him when he set out exactly why we needed to enter the Middle East.
                          Barack Obama entered the White House having been a lack lustre Senator, with little more than a nice guy demeanor, and he gained a lot of traction in his criticism of President Bush.  Mr. Obama sold himself as a "live and let live" kind of a president who would not sanction interference in other sovereign nations.  Of course, I realized that once he began getting the daily intelligence reports that much of that would have to change.
                          I do realize that the use of chemical weapons and incendiary bombs to control opposition in Syria is a very negative occurrence and that it not only violates international law, but it constitutes a war crime.  However, President Bashar Assad of Syria was winning the war against his pockets of opposition without such means.  Can we be absolutely sure that his regime did this ?
                        Lastly, the idea of a cruise missile strike against Assad strongholds in Syria is an extremely complex undertaking. It brings with it enormously complicated consequences the results of which cannot completely be foreseen.   According to Russia Today, NHK Japanese News, Deutche Welle, European News from Brussels, BBC, Kazakhstan News, and France 24, at last count, these were the positions.   Russia and China oppose any war action whatsoever and both believe that Assad would not have done something so foolish. They believe that such an attack was likely Al Queda generated in order to weave the US back in to their Jihad.  They believe this matter should be handled using poltiical means.  Russia has agreements with Syria to provide material and financial support in the event of war.    France has long term commitments in Syria, and has for many years. France has voted to provide partial financial support to the US if we try to unseat the Assad regime, but they will not be taking action themselves.  England's David Cameron felt strongly that England should retaliate against the Assad regime for the use of chemical weapons, but Parliament voted resoundingly not to step into this landmine.  This leaves England's Prime Minister almost powerless in this situation.   Syria's neighbors Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar etc. think that something should be done, but publicly they are saying that the US should probably not be doing it.  They express some concern about controlling the great natural gas supplies in Syria.   Israel has been very quiet.  They have to be concerned that Syria, a fairly large country could be about to be embroiled in war in their region.  Meanwhile, not particularly well covered in US news is the fact that more and more terror attacks are occurring at the hands of the Taliban and Al Qaeda since we have essentially withdrawn.  Al Qaeda's plan may be to draw Syria into a bitter war with the US and Europe while connecting that war with impending bedlam in both Iraq, Afghanistan, and then Iran.   With the entire Middle East on fire, and unable to access oil, gas etc.  then Russia and China can be drawn in.   This is a recipe for World War III cooked up by Al Queda.    Can we really trust Barack Hussein Obama who has crashed our economy, taken our nation's debt, our children's debt, and our grandchildren's debt to new heights ?  Can we trust the man who systematically removed freedom after freedom from us, one holiday at a time ?  Can we trust the regime that passed a complex bill which we were told concerned health care, that no one read ?    Can we trust the regime which empowered NSA to capture all communications from American citizens ?  Can we trust the president who has sealed his educational records, birth records, and health records from us, and who was the first one to do so ?
             I'll admit it.  I am out of faith in our leaders.  As much as I was disturbed by the pictures of the results of the supposed Sarin attack of Syrian children and adult civilians, I cannot trust our government enough to believe them when they provide us with "factual intelligence" they used to arrive at their decision-making.   They haven't been truthful with us on anything else, so why should this be the exception.   In fact, I am not sure that Barack Obama doesn't intend to run us into the ditch as a nation. His appearance of allegiance to Islam seems inappropriate for a nation which was founded on Christian principles.

           There are some interesting and excellent posts on these subjects that I will link to here:

 Please contact your Congressmen and Senators on this.  Please let them know how you feel.

       Unfortunately for the United States, Barack Hussein Obama is either not sharp enough to see a trap while it's being set, or at least, on some level, he is in collusion with those that most of America sees as our enemies.


Sunnybrook Farm said...

In order to build a socialist utopia, the old democracy has to be destroyed since the two can't exist at the same time. We are closing in on the point where the politicians will say, hey this is a messed up system that is ruined by capitalist greed and can't be fixed.The evil people fought all of these wars for oil. Let's build a new system based on fairness and economic equality. It will be so much better than the old one where some had wealth and others didn't have as much.

JaneofVirginia said...

But all they really need to do is look at England, Scandinavia and Cuba to see that socialism fails. We are equal in that we all have God given unalienable rights, but we are not equal in talents or in skills, or for that matter, in health or in tolerance to work. Socialism has failed everywhere it was implemented. England is seeing that now. Canada is coming back from socialism. Scandinavian countries are pulling back from the welfare state, and in the past year, even Cuba has allowed the starting of independent businesses and the ownership of homes. Socialism always fails.

Matt said...

The vote in Parliament was not a binding vote, I really believe Cameron was desperately looking for a way out.

JaneofVirginia said...

Interesting. BBC glossed over this. Perhaps over the weekend I can speak to British friends in England and find out what their take on this really is. Thanks Matt.

BBC said...

It doesn't matter what we think and what our views are, we are just pawns. And so is Obama, I don't care what kind of information he has that we don't, it's still slanted to the powers that be.

Frankly, I don't give a damn that these monkeys think they can make rules for war and I don't care if Syria wants to gas some of its people just because we decided after WW1 that gas should be outlawed. At least gas doesn't destroy buildings and infrastructures. But we like to see shit blow up with our weapons, our economy depends on blowing shit up.

Carry on....

JaneofVirginia said...

And of course, this is one view, and it's one likely shared by many Americans.