Friday, September 6, 2013

Homeschooling Family Snatched by German SWAT Team


Honestly, they needed a SWAT team ?

 On August 28, 2013, the Wunderlich (pronounced Voon-der-lish) family of Darmstadt, Germany was accosted while in their home by a SWAT team.   Their four literate, clean, coversant, and law abiding children were taken from them.  Social workers who watched the proceeding told the parents "You'll never get them back".   The children were taken from their parents in such a traumatic fashion because they homeschooled.     There was no other reason that the Wunderlich's children were taken.

                   Homeschooling has been illegal in Germany since Hitler penned a law making it so.  He wished children to be available to indoctrination by the state, and this law has never been revisted.

               Homeschooling is legal in all of Europe now, except Germany.  Even Switzerland has strict guidelines whereby families have the option of homeschooling.   Ireland, England and Wales also now permit it.  Detailed long term studies are in and despite the fact that we've all known one or two homeschooled children who may not be getting all they need, statistically the children do well in college and in the world.  They don't wind up on social service rolls and they are generally self supporting.  Many homeschoolers are capable of the out of the box thinking that is so necessary for the types of innovations we need to meet the challenges of the world now.   Even the United Nations considers Germany's stance on homeschooling archaic and a violation of basic civil rights (according to a 2007 statement)

               I talked to several German Embassies in the US this week, and they were unaware of the case.  Let's make them more aware of the value of homeschooling.

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Contact information

Note: Calls are answered first in German followed by English (stay on the line).

German Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Phone: (202) 298-4000
  • Select English, then 3 for other departments, then 7 for the political department.
  • Please select “Other—Email the German Embassy” as the subject line for the online contact form. If you receive an error message in Google Chrome, please try a different browser.

German Consulates

Los Angeles
New York
San Francisco

German Officials

You can also send a message to one or all of the officials listed below. Let them know that the world is watching Germany and that the Wunderlichs are not alone.

School Office—Frau Christa Lettau
Staatliches Schulamt
z. Hd. Frau Christa Lettau
Rheinstr. 95
64295 Darmstadt
Tel. (+49-6151) 36 82-411
Fax (+49-6151) 36 82-402
Youth Welfare Office—Mr. Behnis
Der Kreisausschuß. des Landkreises Darmstadt-Dieburg
z. Hd. Herrn K. Behnis
64276 Darmstadt
Tel. (+49-6151) 881-14 42
Fax (+49-6151) 881-14 62 (email address closed due to volume)

Herrn Harms
Tel. (+49-6151) 881-22 74
Fax (+49-6151) 881-42 74

Family Court—Judge Markus Malkmus and Judge Koenig
Amtsgericht Darmstadt
z.Hd.Herrn Markus Malkmus
Postfach 1109 51
64224 Darmstadt
FR Germany


Encouragement and support

You can contact the Wunderlich family at


Calls to Action

The time has come for us to take sustained and vigorous action on behalf of the Wunderlich family and German homeschoolers.

  1. Please keep the Wunderlichs in your thoughts and prayers.
  2. Will you help us expand our efforts to communicate our grave concern over the abuse of this family’s human rights?
    The German government needs to know in no uncertain terms that this action against the Wunderlichs is not acceptable.
    • Call and email the German Embassy in Washington, D.C. (Already contacted them? That’s OK—contact them again.)
    • Call and email the nine German consulates in key cities across the U.S.
    • Note: while we can be appropriately and justifiably outraged by this action it is important that we always treat people with respect. Thank you!
    • Talking points
      • You are shocked and dismayed at the German actions in sending a SWAT team to remove the Wunderlich children.
      • A UN rapporteur has criticized Germany for its harsh treatment of homeschoolers in his 2006 report on the German education system (see paragraphs 62 and 93 (g) of the report).
      • Germany authorities should immediately release the Wunderlich children to their parents.
      • Germany should promptly change its law to permit homeschooling to comply with its obligations under international law.

  3. You can support our fight for the Wunderlich family by donating to the Homeschool Freedom Fund.

The above contact information has been graciously provided by Michael Farris, Attorney,
 Home School Legal Defense Association,    of which I am a member.

      It's good to know that the Germans have cleaned up all the Neo-Nazis, the Islamic extremists,  the human traffickers, and the hate crimes sufficiently to occupy their SWAT teams with homeschoolers.    What do they do if you fail to sweep your section of the street before nine am ?  Anyone ?

UPDATE:   Friday, September 20, 2013

Thank you to all of you who wrote the different German Embassies in the US and expressed your concern and outrage concerning this matter.

The Wunderlich children were returned to their family today, several hours ago on the condition that they attend school in Germany.

The Obama Administration was completely silent on this matter even after a SWAT Team dragged four children from their parents.  Perhaps they would like to do the same when they finish grabbing all the guns and soft drinks.   After all, what better way to indoctrinate, program and spy on the parents than by snatching all those bright homeschooling children.