Sunday, May 20, 2012

Earthquake in Italy

This is the handiwork of this particular quake. This is in Saint Agostino near Ferrara.  (Picture:  STRINGER/ITALY/REUTERS)

    According to the Reuters news service, a 6.0 earthquake occurred in Northern Italy about six hours ago.  Thus far, there have been determined to be at least seven deaths, and Silvio Belusconi has rescheduled a G8 function, in order to be available to the people near the quake area. This quake occurred overnight, and would no doubt have caused more deaths had it occurred during the day.  The predominance of those who died, were factory workers who were working overnight and who died when the factory collapsed.   There is significant damage to some areas.  A medieval castle was badly damaged. The epicenter of the quake,  was  near Modena in the Emilia-Romagna region of the Po River Valley, and the tremor was felt as far west as Liguria, bordering France, and the Friuli region bordering Slovenia.   In San Felice Sul Panaro, not only was the Estense Castle from the fourteenth century damaged, but numerous churches there were as well.   The quake may have killed and injured more people had it not been at 4 am, their time. Other sources are now saying that at least fifty people have been severely injured. There was a pre-shock, and this region is experiencing aftershocks also.
          Although Italy does experience periodic quakes, they are generally smaller than this.  Magnitude alone does not determine the level of damage from an earthquake. The depth of the epicenter and what is built there often helps to determine the degree of damage, along with what happens to be built in the area of the epicenter itself.   Today our thoughts are with the Italian people, especially those near Modena,  Bologna, and especially those who have lost family in this quake and the quake aftermath. The quake was also felt as far as Tuscany.
         For the rest of us, it is again time to assess our quake plans, and go room to room, making sure that anything which could fall on a vulnerable person particularly a child, is secured.  Remember that bookcases on walls must never be above the head of a bed, for example.

Damage in this quake.  (Photo: BBC)

Reports of people feeling this quake are far and wide, and are marked on this map.  (Map: Lalate News)


Gorges Smythe said...

I no longer send money overseas (We may hear an appeal.), but I can pray for them.

JaneofVirginia said...

I also don't send money to organizations. However, I do know people all over the world, and I occasionally send money to people. I will also pray for them.

russell1200 said...

I give (return?) money to our church. Have helped out (giving never loaning) some individuals. The North Carolina Baptists (I am not Baptist - but they work with other willing churches) seem to do a very good job with disaster relief, so I would consider sending money there.

JaneofVirginia said...

Thanks for this information. I have just become disillusioned in the past few years when I see some churches spending money frivolously, where I am pretty frugal, and think everyone else should be too.

Gary said...

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