Sunday, May 27, 2012

For Those Beginning in Preparedness


   Close friends and I have been active in preparedness circles now for twenty five years.  Most of the people who log on Rational Preparedness, are already active, if not pretty expert,  in some respect of preparedness, be it medical, general civil defense, CERT,  Latter Day Saints pantry activities, Salvation Army, church disaster rescue activities, etc.  Most of the people who log on here, do so as a reference, or to see how someone else is tackling an issue that has challenged them.  You may not find all your answers here, but post by post, you will find a perspective as to how I or a friend of mine has tackled an issue or a concern.  My friend Kymber, of Framboise Manor fame,  has encouraged me perhaps to do a series for beginning preppers.  I was thinking about this today and thinking about how I would approach this, and I realized that my other friends have done this, in a variety of ways.  So today, I will provide a variety of references specifically for those beginning in preparedness.  Don't be overwhelmed.  Pick an aspect of preparedness you would like to read about, and each day, read something. Then take time to digest and think about it.  Be careful not to try to compete with others.  I don't need a 50,000 square foot underground bunker from the Cold War Era for my family, and you might not either.  Rather than focusing on what others may have done for their families, think about what is reasonably required by your own.   You need water.  You need food.  You need a safe shelter.  You need a reasonable medical care kit, and a general tool kit.  You need a way of keeping family documents safe.  That may be, all you need to think about for now.   When you have processed this, this about how you would evacuate from your home with your family and pets, if that became necessary in forest fire, flood or other unforeseen circumstance.

These are my dear friends:                                     These are articles on survival and preparedness:                     

This is my friend Jim:     He has organized a week by week set of activities of things to do and/or think about:   In this, he lists a 23 week plan to organizing for preparedness.

With the advent of Facebook, many people have forgotten that Yahoo Groups have had varietal preparedness groups for information and support for fifteen years.

These are some of the groups.   Find ones that you like, but don't linger at the ones which do not interest you. The plan is to get information and ask questions of the people where you are most comfortable.

This is a partial listing of preparedness oriented Yahoo groups:

To subscribe, join Yahoo, and go to the following groups:    These are the links with which you may subscribe:

Micellaneous Survivalism:

Budget Homemaking:

Women Survivalists:

Prepared Survivalists Unite:

LDS Food Storage:

Preparation Jr.

Always Ready:

This if course, in meant in jest.  (Graphic: )


  Of course, written and released after this post is my book:

Rational Preparedness: A Primer to Preparedness

which is designed to prepare families quickly and simply for varietal issues.

The book can also be purchased on   at:

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