Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Italy's Second Deadly Earthquake

Todays Italian earthquake  (Photo: The Associated Press)

     According to the Reuters news service, another earthquake, this one of 5.8 magnitude hit Italy, in the vicinity of Modena today. It was felt far and wide within Italy, and outside Italy as well.  This one is said to have turned many buildings to rubble.  It is also known to have killed eighteen people, thus far.  More are suspected to be buried in rubble.  Please say a prayer for the people impacted by this disaster.  There is known to be widespread disruption of train and transportation service to the region, and cell phone communication disruption.
           This quake will also adversely impact Italy's economy.  The area damaged is broadly agricultural. It produces parmigiano reggiano cheese,  and has damaged some of the country's best agricultural lands as well.  This quake is about 30 km. from the epicenter of the one we preciously reported on here.   An earlier earthquake this week in Bulgaria, did not result in any injuries.

This is Mirandola, in Northern Italy.  (Photo: AP Photo/Marco Vasini)

Update:  As of May 30, 2012, there have been fifty aftershocks in the area of Northern Italy.


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Really it was a completely disaster, God have some mercy on them.

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