Monday, June 14, 2021

Honors and Info




    A lot of the news, a lot of blogging, and a lot of being a writer, is just darn hard work.  A lot of it is thankless. Yesterday, on a social media platform, I spent a considerable period of time explaining why using ivermectin that is intended and compounded for veterinary use, is a bad idea for human beings. Some of the readers didn't listen and likely will use some of the med intended for horses on themselves which is incredibly unwise.

                 Today however, is not quite so dark.  I learned today that this blog has been listed in France as a top blog.  Here is a link to the preparedness and survival blogs now being read in France.  I know life is challenging there just now, and I send my very best wishes for stability and safety there for the future.

A French Guide to Preparedness and Survival Blogs


               While we are on the subject of ivermectin as an adjunctive treatment to COVID-19, I am not going to tell you to bypass the prescription.  Instead, I am going to provide a listing of physicians and nurse practitioners who will prescribe the proper dose, strength and formulation for actual human beings, if you need it.


How to obtain prescription ivermectin from a licensed physician


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