Tuesday, May 11, 2021

On "Havana Syndrome"



                                           US Embassy in Havana, Cuba

    It has long been suspected that many, if not most, nations have some manner of a focused energy weapon that could render the enemy nauseated, disoriented, suffering from a headache, balance and visual disturbances etc.  Such a weapon, a veritable "migraine machine" would be useful in war, particularly if you were outnumbered and particularly if an invading force were near a sensitive location and your nation needed to buy time. It might also be useful in espionage, if you were completing a sensitive operation and needed the staff of your opposition to be significantly distracted. The use of such a weapon could be a hard thing to trace, particularly if it were used only for a short period.

                   I first learned that a nation had likely used a focused energy weapon in 2016 when a few articles appeared in newspapers claiming that a number of staff from the US embassy in Cuba, both intelligence and diplomatic posts were complaining about headaches, nausea, dizziness, sleep disturbances, focus problems, etc. Some people were able to recall a hum they heard prior to such symptoms, while others reported a sensation of heat in their heads. US Security and Intelligence personnel eventually concluded that these symptoms were caused by some type of a focused energy weapon, possibly of microwave origin.  Some of these people were simply inconvenienced by these symptoms and improved afterward, but others have had more persistent and longer lasting symptoms and sequelae.  One of the theories on this occurrence was that the Russians were testing their new weapon, and that Cuba had been a good place to test it.

                 In December 2018, a large number of diplomats reported to Canada that they too were experiencing acute onset neurological symptoms which included those mentioned above and also included paralysis. They were told to stay quiet on the phenomenon and most everyone abandoned the Canadian Embassy. Until fairly recently, Canadian military police remained there, but now, they too have been removed. 

                There have been reports that our diplomatic staff in China suffered similar symptoms, but not much has been written about this. There is also a report of this from our diplomats in Uzbekistan.

                In 2020, there was an investigation of Havana Syndrome symptoms that involved a White House staffer in a Northern Virginia suburb, so indications are that someone in possession of this device is on the US East Coast, potentially in the DC area.

               We don't have a complete picture of this phenomenon, but thus far, some of our best minds have concluded that someone, probably agents of our enemies have been testing the settings and different versions of a focused energy or microwave weapon on our diplomats and White House staff. Experts believe that brain and neurological injuries that occur as a result of this weapon are similar to concussion injuries, and would probably respond to the treatments rendered for those.  Without being present during these attacks themselves, we do not know what frequencies are being used. Experts I know do not believe this to be a focused microwave energy, but another focused energy type. Possibly, this is a pulsed radio frequency energy.

               The medical implications of such injuries are not completely known. Someone who experienced a glancing or low level exposure would likely experience ear and balance challenges, like a Meniere's syndrome. At first, it might not even be recognized as a focused energy attack injury. The hope would be that such a person would recover gradually over time from the injury.  The greater the exposure or the greater the damage, the more likely it would be that the injury would be recognized for what it is. Treatment such as oral steroids to decrease inflammation and brain swelling may be used. A cool cap, the type used to treat conventional concussions and migraines could be useful. Antinauseant medications could be useful, and then medications to help with headache pain and sleep, might be used. Fortunately, overt paralysis seems to have been a rare symptom.  Just as repeated concussions may cause brain damage, depression, and violent behavior, it is possible that repeated unrecognized exposures to a focused energy weapon over time could produce similar effects.

                Most of us are interested in abatement. What could be done to protect us from these effects should be live in an area where such a weapon is being used for experimentation ?  Experts believe that the current weapon is bring focused from a distance of two miles or less from the location of its targets. They could focus it from farther away, but this would make delivery to a precise location more difficult, and it would also increase the power required to deliver the pulses. Increasing the power significantly would make identification of the site using the weapon much more possible, and so this is less likely. It would be possible to shield from such a weapon using the principles of a Faraday cage. When we built one of our garages, we learned that it would be easy to Faraday shield it during building using metal netting under the walls. This should be possible for sleeping and working rooms also. It is also possible to buy glass that has metallic netting between the glass, although this would be obvious.

                Although this is an interesting topic, thus far, such weapons have been used on diplomatic and intelligence workers as well as a White House staffer.  So far as we know, it has not yet been used on regular citizens.  For nurses and physicians, this is something we should know about, so that such a test would be detected quickly, upon seeing patients with such symptoms, so that we could not only adequately treat, but notify the correct authorities.

                President Trump, during his presidency, did accuse Cuba of using such a weapon on our diplomats. He may have had more evidence, but I think that any number of our enemies including Russia and China could have been experimenting in Cuba with such a weapon, in a place where Cuba was more likely to be blamed.  My current contacts believe that Russia is most likely to blame. My own theory is that either China or simple terrorists are behind the repeated use of such a weapon.

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