Saturday, August 1, 2015

Picture Heavy Eye Candy for Preppers


      Well, it's now official.  Canada is in recession.  Greece is still navigating life on the fiscal brink.  Italy, Portugal and others are not far behind.   Puerto Rico is slated to default on its debt today.  No matter where you are the fiscal news is not good.  This said, most of those who are reading this blog have long recognized that financially a lot of the world has been functioning using smoke and mirrors for quite some time, and many of us have already cut back, sold what we could, paid off what was possible, etc.

                So now, the task for many of us becomes staying sane and sensible in an increasingly challenging world where job loss, the loss of homes by friends and family and other issues surface with some regularity.  It also means that we will need to learn to find solace and pleasure in simply inexpensive things, without eating ourselves silly.

                In keeping with a change of pace following all the negative and concerning posts necessity has caused me to bring to you of late, today I am posting some picture heavy eye candy.  I generally receive a lot of positive responses when I post pictures of cabins and cabin interiors as many people seem to find these inspiring and encouraging.

This is a nice functional cabin kitchen.

The same cabin has laundry facilities just off the dining area. This is unconventional, but works in small space.

This is a different cabin entirely, but a tranquil small bath nonetheless.

This is the master bedroom from yet another cabin.

Cabins don't need to impress anyone.  They need to be affordable functional systems for the families who occupy them, either on vacations, in emergencies, or as longer term living alternatives.

                    A cabin can be a place that you and your family move down to either because financially it would be a softer road to hoe, or even because your cabin could be a more favorable jurisdiction in which to homeschool.    Your cabin might be a place your father or grandfather passed to you.  It could be a place you built for simple weekend vacations.   It might also be a place to go where the noise of life itself and the stressors which accompany it may be muted.

                    Best of luck in navigating these times, and in finding simple places and pleasures which aid you and your family in the  recharging which is necessary in meeting life's challenges.  Have a great weekend.