Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Adventures in Upcycling: Can You Build A Greenhouse Box ?

        This is not my own creation, but I love it when someone takes materials they have on hand and creatively meshes them to repurpose and then upcycle something that not only looks great but adds new possibilities and an expanded role from the original.      The owner of these left over windows took a rolling cart, and placed windows on three sides and a top with a wooden back and base. The top is a window which is hinged and therefore opens.  These pictures show the greenhouse box as a decorative item housing flowers but most of us would love to have one of these to grow tomatoes, lettuce or to lengthen the growing season for anything we routinely grow, such as herbs.  I suppose you could also grow sprouts the way so many of us do on a kitchen window sill.

           This miniature greenhouse is surprisingly large inside and this opens up a number of possibilities.

It's small size coupled with the wheels on the undercarriage mean that this particular greenhouse can be moved taking advantage of the light, or being covered or moved away from it when the sun is too hot, as is so often the case where I am.

Make sure you hinge a lid which is strong and make opening easy.

      Now, we have something to do with the older windows which are so often replaced with metal framed or double paned glass.

 This is not only a handy and attractive object to make or have yourself, but would be a wonderful gift to a gardener who has cut back as he or she has aged.

            Next time you are visiting a garage sale, a Goodwill store, or a Habitat outlet and you see wooden framed  windows very cheaply, you'll know what to do !   Best wishes in all your upcycling adventures.