Sunday, July 19, 2015

Obama Compiling Detailed Personal Information on All Citizens


     According to the New York Post. president Barack Hussein Obama has instructed his minions to create a vast database of detailed personal information on all Americans with particular interest in their race and ethnicity.    Mr. Obama seems to believe  that the expensive collection of information on banking, mortgages, ethnicity, neighborhoods, employers, healthcare, education, and how your children are disciplined in school, when married up to data concerning race will underscore a pervasive picture of US institutional racism.  It has been theorized that afterward an internet framework will exist allowing a legal basis for attornies to begin to hammer for reparations to African Americans.

      Here in Virginia the last person to collect detailed racial data for a specific agenda,  and to house birth certificates of the races separately was a physician and  eugenicist  Dr Walter Ashby. Plecker.  Plecker held the role of physician and head of Vital Records in Virginia from 1912 to 1946  He kept records with the agenda of proving that non whites were inferior and he helped to criminalize the marriages of anyone who was not 100% white.  Those with "one drop of black or Indian blood" were forever classified as non-whites and were only permitted to marry someone "just like them" so that "inferior blood and breeding would be prevented from spreading."   His work is broadly regarded to be quite evil today.

       The last person who kept such detailed data on human beings without their knowledge was Hitler.

        For a moment, let me digress.   My ancestors never kept slaves.  On my father's side, they left Scotland for England and when work was thin, my ancestor John Easson, a master builder,  became an indentured servant to the King of England  as one of the first European settlements on Nova Scotia.   If I recall correctly, in the 1730s,  after four years of indentured servitude to the project for the King, my ancestor was to have received forty acres via land grant and then be free to start his own business.  Sadly, things did not go well with the original settlement of Nova Scotia, and my great great great etc. grandfather remained an indentured servant quite a few more years than he originally intended.  The family had not recovered by the following generation.  Things were so tough that one of his sons spent some time in the Poor House in Annapolis Royal.    There is no doubt that my ancestors, who were lilly white, by the way, were treated as slaves and that the deals they were given were broadly unfair and favored the king.  This was true of many people of the era.  We all worked like dogs and many of us died early.   What am I to do ?  Shall I petition Queen Elizabeth for at least one of the bracelets from the crown jewels as restitution for the behavior of her ancestor the king ?   Of course not, because that would be ridiculous.  Queen Elizabeth can't be held responsible for the actions of her ancestor, just as I can't claim the laurels for the achievements of my own ancestors.  Arguments concerning restitution are equally as tenuous.

          On the other side of my family, my ancestors were Mayflower travelers who ultimately moved across the country settled in California as ranchers.  They also did not keep slaves.  They did employ some Chinese workers and they and their children worked right beside them because to do anything else would not have ensured anyone's survival in such a barren and difficult land.  In fact, in my ancestry, there are also American Indian ancestors and a solitary Chinese woman.

        I am fortunate in that I have grown up knowing a great deal about my ancestry, and also knowing that my successes and my failures are my own. My successes have been achieved by the grace of God and by hard work. Almost everyone knows poverty at some time.  Everyone has it tough at one time or another, and life is never fair.

       I grew up, as did most of the people with whom I went to school, believing that God created all of the races and that God loves us all.  No race is superior to another.   I have friends of different races and ethnicities.  I don't like everyone, just as I don't profess to like everyone who is white ! Nice people come in all colors.

          The establishment of a database with racial information such as the New York Post says exists is proof of a couple of very concerning things.  One, it shows that Barack Hussein Obama is not thinking about the repair and rehabilitation of our crashing economy or about jobs for all races, colors, sexes,  and creeds.  Prior to his presidency, there was not racial perfection in the US, but as each generation of young people move through schools which are more or less racially integrated and more and more African Americans attain university educations and professional positions, the segregation of the races seemed more and more ridiculous.  Mr. Obama has done more to derail racial integration and to underscore racial slights that may have been imaginary, than anyone.   A racial database makes it seem as if Obama's entire presidency was about revenge against caucasians for slights real or imagined.    At the very least,  Obama's edict for the creation of such a database places him squarely in the category with Plecker, and at worst, may place him in a category with Hitler.   What is next Mr. Obama ?  Will we seize the assets of caucasians or simply  sterilize them ?

           This needs to be an immediate focus of Congress and of the American people.  Your private identifying information is your own. It should not belong to any government, particularly to an administration which has continually proven its general ineptitude if not outright dishonesty.