Friday, November 7, 2014

The Onus is On the Republicans

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                   So, it seems that the discontent which is so pervasive with regard to the Obama Regime manifest itself yesterday by the loss of a number of Congressional and Senate seats.  People are tired of knowing lots of people who have been out of work for years.  They are tired of their adult kids looking for jobs all week, and remaining in their home for another year.  They are unhappy with a thousand dollar a month rise in their health insurance deduction from their salaries (as was the case this month for us.)  The Republicans control more than they did and I wish I believed that this was a wholly good thing. Already, the new Speaker of the House has said he doesn't know how practical it will be to repeal Obamacare.

                          When I vote, I generally vote for the individual I believe is best suited for the job, and whose ideas best approximate my own.  I am an issue driven voter, which increasingly seems to be unusual.   In much of the past, I have voted Republican, particularly during the presidential elections.  However, I must also say that I have friends who are politicians who consider themselves to be Democrats and although we might agree on some things, we often don't agree on how we might get there.   I have never voted Libertarian although more and more, I find myself agreeing with some of the things they are saying also.  I believe in federal government only for the things which are essential for them.  They need to consider national defense, national security, securing borders etc.  They do not need to be tinkering with education or health care.  States do a marvelous job of addressing the issues in their location. What is right for Texas or Louisiana might not be needed in Rhode Island, New Jersey or Alaska.  Let's let the states manage their own issues starting with education, and environmental issues.  Why are we paying for redundant agencies ?  Why does every federal agency have its very own SWAT team ?   Why does the CDC have one ?    Is the US Postal Service getting one next ?  Are they going to break down the doors of those who are late on postage due fees or post  box fees ?

                         The point is that America has spoken. They are not embracing Mr. Obama's grand transformation of America.  It hasn't worked and we are awakening to a much higher national deficit than we had prior to his presidency coupled with infringements or the dilution of many, many of our rights, often by weekend or holiday executive order.   The Republicans have a narrow window in which to begin repealing the madness gently and deliberately.   If they do not, then the infringements of our rights continue as does the economic death spiral of our nation.

                    So, please excuse that I am not dancing for joy that a party which in theory should oppose everything Barack Obama stands for now has more control.  Their election will be meaningless if they cannot grow a spine sufficient to make hard decisions which repeal tinkerings the Obama regime made which are strangling the economic machine of our once great nation.