Friday, June 20, 2014

Justina Pelletier is Home With Her Family !

         This is an update concerning the teen girl who was taken from her parents and became the lawful property of a Boston Children's Hospital for a year !

These are my prior posts on this matter:

        No one can quantify or even assess the damage done to this young girl by being separated from her parents and sisters for a year, on the say so of a few physicians who did not know the child and the situation, and upheld by a court who saw the ideas of a physician as always more valid than parents !     My concern, in addition to the injustice that Justina Pelletier and her family endured, which will have longlasting effects on particularly Justina, who was not being treated for mitochondrial disorder during her internment with the children's hospital, is that parents who have a child with either an orphan condition, or a chronic illness may be reluctant to seek help for a child, fearing that their child could be impounded to ensure that the treatment the hospital thinks is best is done for the child, while isolating the child from their family.

       It's also interesting that this story has been missing from mainstream media reports.


lotta joy said...

When did the medical community become the gestapo? With the lack of knowledge they refuse to acknowledge, and the vast mis-diagnoses they pronounce, it seems the inmates are indeed in charge of the asylum. Given the propensity for all the phenocopies of Mitochondrial Disease to take the forefront, I can see where this would be hard to diagnose. But to jump to the conclusion that the child would fare better WITHOUT her parent's presence is SUCH an injustice I could cry for all three of them.

JaneofVirginia said...

Yes, you and I and a great many other people, pediatric and other medical professionals are absolutely outraged about this. Sadly, it is not a complete rarity. Friends of ours brought two children they had recently adopted internationally to the ER at Denver Children's Hospital, and promptly lost them when both children were admitted to the psychiatric department. The parents and their biokids were barred from seeing the two in the hospital in the days which followed. They never got those kids back. Parents who had them for a very short time were not responsible for the psychiatric problems of these children. They should not have been blamed. Some time later, the parents were billed for more than a million dollars in hospital fees. There have been travesties before the Pelletier case.