Sunday, October 20, 2013

Meet Navy Seal Benjamin Smith, and Hear What He Has to Say

Former Navy Seal Ben Smith, who thinks the government intends to foment activities which will result in the declaration of martial law.

Some time ago we learned that the present US regime was using the NSA and the FBI to monitor former members of the military. We learned of this when Chesterfield, Virginian, former marine Brandon Raub was falsely imprisoned for making statements which were simply negative with regard to the present regime.It seems that opinions on a private facebook page are not only reviewed by the FBI but acted upon as well.

 The case against the government on behalf of Mr. Raub is presently in federal court.

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Ben Smith served in the Navy and as a  Seal for six years.

Now,  former Navy Seal, Ben Smith,  is saying that the government is specifically targeting military and former military members and goading them into actions which will allow the government to crack down and remove Second Amendment rights, if not declare martial law and suspend the Constitution for a period of time, or until it can be rewritten entirely.     Remember also that federal law enforcement agencies have been told that they may not be members of groups such as Promise Keepers.

      Please see the interview with former Navy Seal, Ben Smith, below.  He is certainly a brave citizen.

For those of you who would like to communicate with him,  "Former Navy Seal Benjamin Smith" is on facebook.   I do not do facebook at all, and so if you speak to him, say hello for me.