Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Continued Erosions of American Freedoms

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   I have already provided a post on how California has started a gun confiscation program, of guns that were purchased legally.  Now, New York State has begun revoking gun permits of anyone taking anti-anxiety medications.  This is concerning because who is to say which drugs are used for anti-anxiety and which are used for another purpose entirely.   In addition, some people may have anxiety because they are being stalked, and they may actually need the firearm which is being rendered illegal in their possession.  HIPAA laws are being violated, and anything you tell your physician is available to this regime for any use they deem appropriate whether it violates the laws we were raised with and taught.
          California is confiscating guns without any remuneration, and now New York is revoking permits. Due process is not being observed.   It seems clear that the eventual objective of this administration is confiscation, most likely between California and New York, as well.

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lotta joy said...

Oh Jane. How you scare me with facts. HIPPA laws being broken, makes it no law at all as long as it's the work of the government. Legal guns confiscated leaves only illegal guns. Anti anxiety medicine is what enables me to NOT fire randomly at idiots or people who anger me.

So, I guess illegal guns and crack will be the constitutional rights of the lawless, leaving law abiding citizens no rights at all.

JaneofVirginia said...

We need to be aware that both California and New York have begun a process of making formerly legal guns illegal. I think it will take longer for Southern states to begin the same level of infringement. Still, it's important to know that this is happening and to make necessary adjustments. I can assure you I won't be spending money in New York or in California.
HIPAA is often misused. I can't change my son's primary physician since he turned 18, but the government can have access to the diagnoses in chart. I once tried to ask some questions about a compounded drug at a pharmacy that was providing it to a dog I had with seizures. They wouldn't discuss it with me without a signature with the patient's permission and that he needed to be present to give his permission. I told them HIPAA did not apply in this instance. The Pharmacy Tech told me HIPAA ALWAYS applies. I told her that we weren't letting the dog out to pick up his meds because we didn't think he should drive since he had the the seizure disorder !

Linda said...

The neurologist insists that I take an anti-depressant for fibromyalgia. I have gotten two different prescriptions. The first I did not fill. The second I have filled once and not taken. So, am I targeted? These type drugs make me so lethargic that I doubt I would be capable of firing a gun if I had one and wanted to fire it.

It will be a long time coming that Alabamians give up guns.

JaneofVirginia said...

This is one of the problems with such an ill conceived gun policy. Anti-depressants have many uses. They and anti-anxiety drugs can be used in everything from MS to fibromyalgia, and in the recovery period from injuries also. In bereavement we often use such medications for people. Pulling guns or gun licenses from anyone who has episodically taken anything just doesn't make sense and deprives everyone of due process.
You are correct about many Southerners not willing to relinquish the firearms which protect their farms and families from everything from predatory animals to predatory human beings.