Saturday, March 2, 2013

Storm on Sakhalin Island


  To our friends who are on Russia's Sakhalin Island, today has been a difficult day.  A severe snowstorm is under way which has also brought winds in excess of 125 km./hr.
   When we were in Russia's Far East, some of our party left for Sakhalin Island, and then returned to Primorskiy Krai with us.    Sakhalin is North of Japan, and East of Primorskiy Krai which is the Maritime Province in which the city of Vladivostok, the seat of the Russian submariner fleet is located.

      The Kamchatka Peninsula, just Northeast of Sakhalin had some rather significant 6.9 earthquakes this week and so I am sure this is a stressful time.

        I have fond memories of Vladivostok and the Russian people during our month long Winter visit.
Stay safe. Don't let your teeth crack in the cold, or the tears freeze on your cheeks !  This is cold and difficult, even for Far Eastern Russia !

Does everyone see how close a proximity Far Eastern Russia has to Alaska ?  This is one of the reasons that some Alaskans fear a Russian military invasion for the purpose of obtaining additional oil.

This is video from today's storm:


   UPDATE: Please see our post from December, 18, 2011 concerning Sakhalin Island, Russia at:


lotta joy said...

Good lord, you DO get around! And, as always, the family pet is chained outside with no choices.

JaneofVirginia said...

I noticed that too. Hopefully, when everyone has finished running around the oil refinery facility, they will make some arrangement for the dog. When I was in Far Eastern Russia, I was very concerned about the treatment of dogs. In general, they are not treated well because rabies vaccines do not exist there. This makes dogs dangerous and so many families, especially those with children, and those in orphanages, avoid them. During the worst storm in Vladivostok in 50 years, garages were opened for dogs so they did not freeze to death. It is to be remembered though, that in Far Eastern Russia, one of the hazards of driving is running over a dead frozen human who might have been a little tipsy during the walk home. Life is hard there for human beings as well as for dogs.