Sunday, March 17, 2013

Eileen Hart to be Interviewed on Glenn Beck Program

Eileen Hart and her daughter in happier times.

  This is an update to my prior post which concerns Eileen Hart.  Eileen is a New Jersey  housewife who attended a meeting with her husband and young child concerning the sharp reassessment and methods of reassessment of her house by a private company which has been hired by the State of New Jersey.  During the meeting she remained calm, but he Tax Assessor's office representative and employees of the company hired did not.  Mrs. Hart read to them from the Constitution.  She was ejected from the meeting, and one of them followed to her her license plate information.  In brief, when she got home, she was arrested in front of her child by local police. She was also handcuffed to a chair at the police station.  She has been charged with making "terroristic threats" at the meeting.  Local police also collected the guns she had in her home, which are registered under N.J. law.

                In this post I wish to notify everyone that Eileen Hart will be interviewed by Glenn Beck on an interview planned for Glenn Beck's 5 pm show on Tuesday on GBTV.

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       The Eileen Hart Legal Defense Fund can do so by clicking this link.


Please see my prior post with complete information on what happened to Mrs. Hart in NJ at:



Gorges Smythe said...

That SHOULD be grounds for a lawsuit but, in THIS day and age, who knows?

JaneofVirginia said...

It is grounds for a lawsuit. The outcome will be down the pike somewhere. Meanwhile, NJ is being watched carefully by the rest of the world. Many are so outraged that they are declining to do business there. In addition to charging an attendee of a meeting with alleged "terrorist threats" and confiscating her firearms without due process, there is the matter of the frequent NJ practice of doubling the assessed value of homes that the owners would not let you enter that day. That little trick has been going on in NJ since I was 7 ! Every three years they doubled my father's assessed value in our home, because he would not let them in when he was not there. Every three years he appealed the doubling of the assessment, and won. He still paid thousands in property tax every year for a twenty four hundred square foot house built just after the Civil War, on five acres. Many people there pay ten thousand dollars a year in property taxes for a similar house. It's time for NJ to live within its means as its citizens have to.

Sandy said...

I agree with you Jane.

lotta joy said...

Good grief. Between animals no longer being protected under animal abuse laws, and citizens being rode rough shod over, this nation is suddenly turning feral.

FERAL NATION. I think I just hit on the perfect banner slogan.

JaneofVirginia said...

Feral Nation sounds like an excellent new book title or CD album name. Since you write books rather than produce CD albums, my suggestion is to use it for one of your next books. Fondly,

JaneofVirginia said...

People in the North often think that the South is lawless, but in all honesty, my local government doesn't try to perpetrate things like this. They work for us, and they really do try.