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We Haven't Been a "Free Country" In Quite Some Time

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       Even before 9-11 fundamentally changed the way government viewed it's citizens and their rights, an erosion of these rights began in the US.   I am in my late forties, but when I was a child, and a teen, a large amount of citizenship, civics, and national history was required in school prior to graduation. This wasn't intended to force us into national pride, but to very carefully inform us of our Constitutional rights, in a bid to ensure that no successive governmental regime embarked on a plan to dilute or subvert them.  We received a good overview of the American legal system so that we could navigate it, should this become necessary.  Two of my children were born in my twenties, and then two more in my thirties. When my two eldest children reached public school a lot had changed.  They were taught the pledge of allegiance in kindergarten, but it was no longer said on a daily basis, as it had been  They were not taught patriotic songs.  No one taught them much about US History except that Christopher Columbus brought syphilis to "The New World" and that his trip across the ocean brought conquest and destruction to the original denizens of the areas in which he landed.  Our kids were not taught that who we are voting for is a private matter of conscience which is not to be shared anywhere but the polls.
         Because of our frugal nature we were lucky enough to be able homeschool all of our children, including the four biological and the one we adopted. This gave us a chance to make sure that they understood a balanced history of the United States.  As with all of the countries on Earth, sad and unjust things happened here, especially at the beginning of our nation.  However, many good and just things have happened here as well.
          9-11 brought changes to American law of which most people were unaware.  Warrantless wiretapping began. Certainly the times dictated a reassessment, and perhaps a streamlining of a Federal Judges ability to permit a law enforcement agencies ability to monitor potential terrorist activity was in order, but this is not what was done.  The "Patriot Act" brought in a large number of nebulous abilities on the part of the government.  It also began the process of extreme rendition.  People in the US and outside it disappeared and were held without due process. No one was really sure about what might constitute terrorism, or treason, for that matter.  No fly lists came in, and what I consider legal molestation of children, the elderly and everyone else became possible legally by the TSA whenever we fly.
         Our government also now censors educational material provided to the masses. Make no mistake. We have more mediocre employees and more mediocre minds because our sub-standard educational system has taught them to be this way.  The government was less comfortable with Patrick Henry type people, and more comfortable with Homer Simpsons.
          All of these erosions of our freedom trickle down to the local level as well.  The Homeschool Legal Defense Association has its hands full in terms of defending the rights of families to legally homeschool their children.  A few years ago, I was repeated followed by a truant officer from another county as I made a short trip to buy animal feed in their county.  Apparently, the large African American truant officer was unable to differentiate me, an almost fifty year old long haired college professor from a high school student. I of course, filed a complaint only to find that other mothers my age had been followed and had filed complaints for stalking.
         All over the country there are complaints that law enforcement are writing tickets in order to generate revenue.  This is very bad. When the core citizenry no longer believe that law enforcement is out to do good in the land, then we stop helping them.  Without the assistance of the citizenry, true policework is almost impossible.
         I am not saying that the US is bad and that Europe is good.   I am saying that different nations in Europe are harassing their citizens as well.  A number of European nations harass and prosecute homeschooling families, when independent studies indicate that homeschooling almost always benefits the students, the families and the societies in which they live.  Even England and Canada have civil rights violations sometimes. What I am saying is that the US which makes such a song and dance of "The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave" is struggling to be such, and is missing the mark.  This year, former marine Brandon Raub was detained and placed in a psychiatric facility a great distance from friends and family based on things he said on his privately managed social media page.  Eventually, Mr. Raub was released, but it is an egregious case of  FBI, and other law enforcement agencies mis-steps if not gross incompetence.
          We need to get back to educating the masses in what the Constitution is, and what it stands for. Then, we need to have the masses read the large number of Executive Orders which have come from the Obama Regime. These are dark days for the United States. Thomas Jefferson would be sick.

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Gorges Smythe said...

I wonder if any members of the public would attend free classes given to teach the Constitution and Bill of Rights, sponsored by, say, the LOCAL Republican Party, the Tea Party, veterans groups or such folks as that?

JaneofVirginia said...

Hillsdale College has been offering free courses over the internet concerning The Constitution for some time. The classes fill up quickly. Home School Legal Defense Association has courses on Constitutional Law for high school students. My attorney gives out a booklet with all of the Constitution in it to any of his clients. I expect others including law schools are going to make teaching about the Constitution to the public more of a priority.