Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: An Impressive Storm

This is rainfall probability from NOAA for Hurricane Sandy on DAY ONE alone.

This is Wind Speed Probabilities of Hurricane Sandy from NOAA.  Note the widespread nature of this storm. This does not include the Noreaster which will join it from the West.

             By now you likely know that Hurricane Sandy is a rare hybrid storm. A number of conditions have converged which make this an interesting and challenging storm.   It is estimated that more than fifty thousand Americans who reside in the Eastern US will be impacted by this storm.  Eight states have declared a State of Emergency.

            It certainly is unusual to have one storm engulf both our farm and also our "Bug Out Location" and our "Tertiary Bug Out Location" as well.

           Rather than focusing on how things are going here, I would like everyone to look at their own situations and do whatever you can to remain safe, whether it is sheltering-in-place in your homes, or whether it is rapid Evacuation with your pets, which has been ordered in some locations.

This is the Hurricane Sandy Situation Page:

  Stay safe !

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