Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rational Preparedness 2 09/12 by Prepper Podcast | Blog Talk Radio

Rational Preparedness 2 09/12 by Prepper Podcast | Blog Talk Radio
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The second episode of "Rational Preparedness" originally aired on the Prepper Podcast Radio Network on September 12, 2011.  It is a serious discussion of the need of every family, regardless of location and anticipated possibilities, to evacuate quickly in an emergency.  This episode centered on how we plan in advance of an emergency, by gathering an evacuation kit in advance.  Our very basic evacuation kit contains clothing, underwear, socks, and shoes for each family member. It contains summaries of medical records, listings of our physicians and their contact numbers, and a listing of any medications we are taking with the amounts taken and how often. We need to have copies of our immunization records ready for all of our family members.We also must bring copies of important papers, such as birth certificates, banking information, discs with family pictures and photographs of the interior of our homes for insurance purposes. We need insurance information, life insurance data, mortgage paperwork copies, deeds, loan info, etc. We also need to bring a small address book with all of our out of area contacts, and our account numbers and contact numbers for our utility companies. We need to have a portable first aid kit, and all of these materials must be easily grabbed as we head out the door. We discussed all of this as a starting point and then, in detail. Evacuating or "bugging out" is challenging for most everyone.  It's an evolution, and our readiness for it needs to start now.

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