Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rational Preparedness 1 09/05 by Prepper Podcast | Blog Talk Radio

Rational Preparedness 1 09/05 by Prepper Podcast | Blog Talk Radio
(Direct Link to "Rational Preparedness" Episode 1)

UPDATED LINK INFORMATION:  Listen to our program at this link:

Episode One:
 When the Rational Preparedness show got started in early September, 2011, I was not prepared for all of the activity.  Very quickly there was a fair bit of commentary and feedback, and it became clear that I would need a place where I could clarify some of the things said on the show, and where I could list links and information concerning some of the products and items I use in the course of setting up a family in terms of preparedness. This will therefore be the accompanying blog.  Probably the best way to use it, is to listen to each episode first, and then come to the blog in order to get clarification and websites.  In a sense, it can take notes for you. The blue underlined Prepper Podcast lines at the top of most posts will take you directly to the Rational Preparedness episode, so that you can relisten if you wish, or refer others as well. Welcome and thank you for the positive feedback as I attempt the important task of getting as much information on preparedness to the general public as quickly as I can.

This first episode of "Rational Preparedness" first aired on September 5, 2011
For those of you who asked about the products I mentioned, these are the websites:

I do not recommend or tell you about anything our family has not used personally, or that we haven't paid our own money to use.      SigSauer is a world renowned manufacturer of the weapons of choice for military,global law enforcement and commercial uses.         search:  preparedness, survivalism      A host of groups of every kind to support your interests in this topic.         Rockwell's Jawhorse RK 9000.   A portable clamping workstation which weighs only 43 lbs. but has a clamping force of 2200 lbs. and a range of 37".        Time tested for 150 years, British Berkefeld Systems has been the choice of missionaries all over the world, to keep their drinking water safe.       Providing everyday quality food for storage for over 30 years.     or simply google "Veraseri Designs"      A full service design house specializing in one of a kind furniture, and custom fabrication.

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