Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Potential World Destabilizing Event


A nuclear test is slated for this Saturday.

       It is being reported by multiple foreign news sources that Kim Jong Un has ordered a mass evacuation of Pyongyang. Evacuees are not permitted to bring cellular phones. Kim Jong Un has said that an important announcement will be made later this week.   China has moved 150,000 troops to their border with N. Korea in anticipation of war.  The US also as at least one aircraft carrier en route to the region.

          It is known that Kim Jong Un has told all foreign embassies that N. Korea "cannot be responsible for their safety after April 10th".  N. Korea is urging all foreigners to leave. The Russian embassy has refused to leave and says that reports of "extreme tension in Pyonyang" have not been seen by them.

                Some have speculated that testing of nuclear devices is complete and that Kim Jong Un, who has done things that indicate he may well be crazy, may be planning a nuclear war.   China also may have indicated that they will no longer support their neighbor. President Trump also has taken a hard line with N. Korea.  South Korea is also tiring of the tyrant.

              Any type of war on the Korean peninsula has far reaching implications.  South Korea, and the inhabitants of Seoul in particular would be impacted.  Those in Vladivostok and surroundings in Russia would be impacted.  Japan is also quite concerned.  This has all the potential ingredients of a World War III.

            The United States would be invariably drawn in, and that is if we weren't Kim Jong Un's first strike plan.  Please pay close attention to this matter.

Foreign and Other Media's Take on this Issue:


Dani said...

You're quite right - definitely "a potential world destabilizing event".

Question is - which leader is more convinced he is right, more stubborn and more determined to get his way...?

I guess we'll all find out in the coming days.

K said...

Ya know, I thought that the defeat of The Bitch would take some pressure from prepping. I'm stepping up my preparedness levels on nearly all fronts.

I fear that Kim Un Fat is like the schoolyard bully that when he sees the he is going to lose, knocks over the board game.

JaneofVirginia said...

Dani, I don't think you can compare Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un as a simple battle of wills. Trump is a businessman who seeks to return his country to its former glory for his children and his grandchildren. Kim Jong Un has executed uncles, high officials, and had his half brother killed quite recently while out of the country. North Korea's leader is considered a madman who will do anything. Perhaps actions should have been taken in the last six years or so while the madman was gathering ICBM delivery capability and supplies.

JaneofVirginia said...

K, No, I think prepping, item rotation, and learning more skills should simply, continue as a prudent way of life and as teaching to children or grandchildren. There is always something new to learn.