Saturday, January 21, 2017

Civilization is a Thin Veneer

Never find yourself in a situation where you are forced to go out, particularly in some type of emergency.

        Most women, especially mothers, and most men are polite and cooperative when dealing with strangers. They tend to behave a bit better than that when dealing with neighbors or acquaintances with whom they may have dealings later.  However, during even a mild crisis, behaviors change and they may change quickly.

                    One need only look to some of the Trump Inauguration protestors breaking windows and striking back at police as the police try to limit damage to the glass of a shop that has nothing whatever to do with the inauguration.   During weather emergencies, both men and women may behave very badly when their grocery store has only three loaves of sandwich style bread remaining.   I remember observing a rather nasty fight by Land Rovered soccer moms, here in Virginia over free bottled water in twelve packs,  being given out to customers of the power company,  during a protracted power outage.

                 Please know and accept that a gathering of people while under some type of duress, can go from odd and a bit entertaining, to downright dangerous in the space of a few seconds. Fires, for example, when they involve crowds of people, may cause deaths from trampling rather than smoke inhalation.

                  This doesn't mean we wander through the world waiting for our friends and neighbors to lose their minds. It does mean that we keep normal amounts of supplies of water, food, healthcare, and comfort items so that we have the option of remaining at home when potentially dangerous gatherings of people might occur.   Give some thought as to how you would defend yourself and your family should you experience a home invasion during a disaster or national emergency of some type.   My parents used an excellent saying.......  A word to the wise is sufficient.