Friday, October 7, 2016

Let's Use Some Sense With Storms


      This week, a family with whom I am acquainted mentioned that they are going to Florida on vacation. They had noticed that Hurricane Matthew was coming ashore in Northern Florida, but the wife said, "We set this up quite a while ago, and so we're going no matter what !"  Although it might be nice to think you lead such a charmed life that nothing can happen to you or your family, it is also the height of foolishness.  I have a friend whose entire party died during a trip to Florida during a hurricane. He was the only survivor, and lives with that every day.   Why would anyone choose to take their family in harms way deliberately ?   I know that we can't avoid every hazard and that we certainly can't stop driving, but we can decline the opportunity to take our families headlong into danger.

               As I write, a storm surge from Hurricane Matthew is occurring between St. Augustine and Jacksonville.  Twenty people including children are stuck in a St. Augustine bed and breakfast with rising waters and heavy winds. Pieces of hotels and railings are breaking off in winds clocked at as much as 91 mph.

               There will be plenty of disasters you and your family will be unable to avoid. Please don't deliberately travel to any !    My hopes are that everyone in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas in the path of this storm stay safe.