Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Low Cost High Value Home for Those Who Value Preparedness



 From time to time I profile a preparedness property that has recently come up for sale, and that I believe may be both a good choice and a reasonable buy for someone who is a reader here. I am not generally a fan of manufactured housing, but I think this home may be the exception.

This home is located on ten acres in an area that Joel Skousen has said is a good area for those of us who have preparedness and survival concerns.  It is located halfway between Mountain Home and Harrison Arkansas.  It has access to all the things you really would need, but is not close enough to urban centers to be of concern.  It is a three bedroom, two bath manufactured home which sits securely on a concrete basement.  It has a garage, and an interior basement structure which functions as both a safe room and a safe.
This is the complete information provided by the owner of the property:

(The information between the two sets of undulating lines is the work product of the owner, Bob Jacobs)

Back property line

A 3 BR two bath manufactured home located on 10 plus acres of land in rural northwest Arkansas. The 27 by 42 ft exterior dimensions and sits sits on a walk out, poured, 8 inch walls. concrete basement that includes a two car garage and a 7 ft by 10 ft poured concrete vault with bank style combination lock door that serves as a gun vault, high value safe storage and storm shelter. The 10 plus acres of land is primarily cleared but contains some standing trees.

From the barn

The house was constructed in 2000 and reflects the original outfitting except a new refrigerator and microwave were installed in the last 3 years. Other appliances are a gas stove/over, a gas fire place, and a washer and dryer. The roof is 5 years old and is composite shingles. Cooking and heat is propane from a 250 gallon rented tank Water is from a 400 plus foot well with a static head that produces good tasting water. The well pump can easily be connected to a single manual throw transfer switch to connect to a generator for Grid down supply and an installed 1500 gallon water storage tank is located in the basement. A larger low pressure captive air tank is installed on the well pump supply side with a booster pump and a second captive air tank on the booster pump discharge side. Sewage is by a septic tank and drain field. Electrical is grid supplied.

From Driveway
Additional structures include a 20 foot shipping container, an 8 by 16 foot shed and a 24 by 36 foot pole barn with a dirt floor. A dry drainage creek splits the property approximately in half with a new concrete water crossing. The front part of the property is fenced with smooth wire.
The property is situated on a gravel/dirt road 9/10 of a mile from a paved county road with an additional 4 miles to a US secondary highway. The property is located in a valley with several neighbors two of which are visible from the house thru woods. Yellville is halfway between Mountain Home and Harrison, Arkansas and both have large Home Depots, Lowes, Wal-Mart Super Centers and large farm stores. Yellville and Flippen provide gas stations, a Wal-Mart, farm and hardware stores. Smaller hospitals in Yellville and Flippen with a a large hospital in Mountain Home. A Helo Medical Evacuation service with a yearly subscription fee exists in the area. Mountain Home is a highly recommended retirement area.

View of house from top of Mountain

The property is in an area listed in Stragetic Relocation by Joel M Skousen which is a study of retreat locations.
The property is equipped with a monitored security system and video surveillance system.
A list of major equipment and supplies that can transfer with the property at additional cost is available on request

Property is listed currently for $140,000 USD
Other equipment present on the acreage could be purchased for additional funds.


 When this listing has sold, I will notate as such, but I plan to leave this blog post up for those of you who wish to contact a  realtor for other listings in the subject area.  It's also important to see what is possible periodically for comparatively little money. 

I have no axe to grind here. I receive no funds when the property sells and everyone is encouraged to do one's own due diligence, as always.

This property is now sold, but there are others. Arkansas is an excellent place for properties of this type.