Monday, June 1, 2015

Let's Discuss Signage

These signs are available at most hardware stores.  Interestingly, when up at our property, they were broadly ignored.

             I am a big believer in custom signage in the protection of your property, your farm, or your ranch. When I used standard No Trespassing signs, I noticed that they were routinely ignored and that everyone from contractors offering home washing and window washing services or driveway blacktopping,  to Jehovah's Witnesses visited anyway.  When we had a few customized signs made, in addition to being posted No Trespassing around the periphery of the farm, we had much better results.    We had about a hundred dollars worth of customized signs made which said a variety of things.  The most effective was a large sign which simply said  "TRESPASSERS ARE PROSECUTED"  with a red background, and a small signature below.  Before we ordered these signs, I asked our sheriff what type of signs he would be comfortable with, and which ones would make his deputies uncomfortable. You should do the same, as county to county, city to city, police jurisdictions do not agree.  You wish to make people who don't belong at your place think twice before entering, but you want law enforcement to be at least comfortable entering should they ever be called, should you ever need their help or the help of emergency medical services.

                 I do think that you should be extremely careful as to what your custom signage says.

Signs which say:

"Trespassers Will Be Shot, Survivors Will Be Shot Again"

"If You Can Read This, Then You Are In Range"

This would not be recommended in the rural community in which I reside.   If it's acceptable where you are, it comes from  )

This one probably falls into the "no go" category.  It comes from

     Signs such as these seem aggressive.   Choosing signs such as these may be a big problem in that when you call an ambulance or law enforcement, they may not enter the property, fearing that they may be shot.  You don't really want an ambulance to wait outside your property until a police officer arrives as an escort when you need help immediately.  Secondly, if you are ever in a home invasion situation where you truly are in fear for your life, and you do take lethal action, prosecutors already have evidence of your being fairly aggressive, from your own signs !  You simply don't need to pay $80, 000 to defend yourself for shooting a home invader, even when you did so entirely appropriately.

      So, if you have a rural or even a suburban property, you may wish to consider "No Trespassing" signage.  In many states or localities, it is impossible to prosecute a trespasser for trespassing unless you had a signed "No Trespassing" sign plainly visible at the periphery of your property.

This sign is available from

Available from
            These last two are examples of more unusual customized signs which are not as "threatening" as some of the others of which I spoke, and may therefore be wiser choices.

           Your property signage is a first chance to make a first impression.  Make sure that it sends the right message.

I don't receive discounts or payment for recommending them, but this company does an excellent job for a fair price, whatever the project.