Thursday, April 30, 2015

Update Concerning the Brandon Raub Wrongful Arrest and Imprisonment Case


            A federal appeals court in Richmond, Virginia has refused to reinstate the Brandon Raub case.
You may recall that several years ago I posted the initial information and have been updating periodically ever since.   Brandon Raub is the former Marine who on his return to home in Chesterfield, Virginia happened to post some negative song lyrics on his Facebook page which he believed to be private and accessible only to his family and friends.  It turns out that our federal government monitors the internet activity of all returning soldiers for signs of potential mental illness and probably for subversive behavior as well.  The result was the descent of federal and local agents and the forced hospitalization of Mr. Raub in a Salem, Virginia facility, quite a distance from his family, his friends and his attorney.  Eventually, Mr. Raub was released by a judge who stated that "there had never been a reason to arrest and detain Mr. Raub for anything, anyway."
   Mr. Raub, aided by the Rutherford Institute brought a federal suit against the individuals and entities which were involved in the unlawful arrest and detention.  Item by item, federal courts have refused to hear this case. This is particularly upsetting to Americans because Mr. Raub, represented no threat whatsoever to the present regime, and on search of his home, wasn't even in possession of a firearm in a place where most people, especially former military, do.

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