Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Greetings to the People of France

Yes, this is France.   (Photo: )

                There are many consequences, both good and bad, to agreeing to have your blog translated into various languages, and therefore available to many of the world's people.  First of all, the automatic translation of such is not exact and many times the intent is unclear or perhaps even slightly offensive to those who don't completely understand the post.   Imagine my posts on the importance of gun rights and women being read by a housewife who speaks Urdu.   Apparently, the automatic translation for French is better than most and this has resulted in a slow and steady climb in the number of regular visitors to this blog from France.   The increase in French readers is also likely to an increase in world tensions and concerns for French citizens both domestically and abroad. For some reason, French people are very interested in the topics we discuss here, such as family preparedness, disaster preparedness, civil unrest, economy,  and self sufficiency. The French are also subject to a deteriorating health car system in some sectors.  I am happy to have these new readers.
                       I have visited both La Havre and Cherbourg in France.  I was to have made it to Paris when I attended school in England. It was our school trip, but I returned to the US before the trip.  I remember the British school contacting my mother and asking if I could return with my class simply for the trip to Paris, but by then it would have caused upheaval with my American school schedule, if it didn't generate truancy problems with my American school !    So, as an adult, I have never been to Paris.   My mother's closest friend while in the US was a frenchwoman who was an artist.  Much of what I learned about France and of Paris came from her and her recollections of her days at the Sorbonne.

                      I learned to speak French in both British school and then took four years of French in American school.  Of course, my experience and immersion in French was in Quebec and Montreal and so the accent Quebecois and specific words used there are more comfortable to me.

                       Since French laws with regard to firearms are considerably different than in the state in which I reside, my comments on firearms and self defense with firearms will not apply to our French readers.  However, a lot of the medical posts, those which apply to self defense mindset, and posts on moving toward self sufficiency, certainly will.   I welcome our French readers and invite you to indicate which topics are of concern to you just now.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  We are all on the pretty blue ball together !