Tuesday, July 8, 2014

On Brandon Raub

               Some time ago, I brought you information on Brandon Raub, the Marine who was arrested by federal agents, placed in a mental hospital simply because he had said some unfavorable things regarding the present US government administration.  He was eventually vindicated by a judge who stated that there had never been enough evidence to send him away to another part of the state on a psychiatric mandatory hold in the first place. Searches of his home following his arrest  revealed that he didn't even own guns.

                Since then, when Mr. Raub with the aid of the Rutherford Institute, tried to sue the government in association with the violation of his civil rights etc., surprisingly, the case was thrown out of court.

                Yesterday,  Mr. Raub was once again arrested.    This time the 28 year old  was arrested for allegedly providing alcohol to two minor girls, and for allegedly exposing himself to one of them.  His brother Brentley was also present during this time.

                Is this a clean collar or is this a set up and payback for embarrassing the local police, the alphabet agencies involved, and the present governmental administration ?    It will be interesting to see how this particular case plays out.

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Linda said...

That is scary.

JaneofVirginia said...

Of course, anyone who commits a crime against especially against a minor needs to be punished, but I think it curious that someone who was thinking fairly clearly when serving our country, and when being interviewed by television during his court case, could take such leave of his senses. I think it at least is possible that this is an attempt to discredit the opinions of Mr. Raub.

Gorges Smythe said...

Sometimes, the truth doesn't come out for two or three years, and sometimes the stress ruins formerly good people. Only time will tell.

JaneofVirginia said...

Yes, only time will tell. Thanks for posting, Gorges.