Saturday, December 7, 2013

An Impending Ice Storm

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  As a serious storm bears down on the Midwest, then the South, and then the Northeastern United States, we get an early Winter season preview of how dangerous freezing rain and ice can really be

         This is a reminder that my book,

Rational Preparedness: A Primer to Preparedness

is still very much available, and is available least expensively on Amazon.

Copies of this book also make excellent gifts for those who are new to preparation, or for those with solid established preparations who might wish to learn a few more things or consider certain issues in a new light.  A softcover is presently on sale for just over fourteen US dollars.

My other book,  What I Learned from Daniel  is similarly discounted this holiday season.

Both books are available from this site for use on Kindle, as well as softcover or hardcover editions.

        Should you already have the books, there is a link I would like to post which provides good information.  I  joined the Disaster Resistant Communities Group via connections made on Linkedin.!

       This link provides videos on preparedness for specific emergencies, including active shooter, winter driving, and a number of specialized timely topics.    Please take a look at the Winter and storm emergencies videos BEFORE the power is interrupted.  The best ways to prevent and to deal with unexpectedly frozen pipes is best learned in advance of actually having such a problem.  Prevention is always best.

       Stay warm, stay safe, and if you can, stay in !


lotta joy said...

The unbearable winter of 2011 is what got us to move. Although ice storms are beautiful to look at, the weight of the tree limbs and power lines hanging over our roof, sounding like gunfire when they snapped, was actually frightening. Toss in Generator wires running through the house, and days so dark it looked like a constant eclipse....But after we left Indiana, they've had mild winters. So it must have been us.

David said...

We weathered the storm fairly well here in Arkansas, though just about 10mi north of us there were blocked roads and widespread outages. Via church we put together a sort of calling tree where we checked on other members and neighbors in outlying rural areas to make sure nobody was sitting in the cold without electricity, heat, water, etc. Hope it's no worse out your way.

JaneofVirginia said...

Nice job, David. We weathered the ice storm well here. The horses don't like it and the dogs stayed in their kennels. Now it's just a mudstorm ! LOL Thanks for your post.