Sunday, November 3, 2013

What Is It ?

Is it a tool chest dressed for the season ?  Is it a home code cart ?  Perhaps a home dialysis machine ?

  I like to believe that my family and I are up-to-date on a lot of house systems. This makes it a lot easier when it's time to update something to make the best decisions.   Today, I found out that I am not up to date, at all !

What is this ?   A hot water heater which dispenses orange-ade ?  An excellent cover for gun storage ?   A big orange battery ?

Is this a large home container of extra virgin olive oil wired to the gourmet kitchen above for someone who really likes to cook ?  

                    I did some research and all of my initial thoughts were incorrect.  It looks like I won't be a guest on "This Old House" anytime soon.    These systems exist in the same residence.  They are part of a German engineered highly efficient heating system.   This system is a Veissman hot water heating boiler system which not only heats your hot water but provides reliable and inexpensive heat as well.  It employs a cast iron or steel biferral heat exchanger.  The top unit is a control unit.  It appears that someone has placed a commercial unit in their home.  These units can be installed to use solar power, oil power, wood fired and gas fired power. They do not yet manufacture one of this type which can use two or three different types of fuels interchangeably.

              The third picture is a DeHoust tank which I believe stores water in a specially protected enclosure to avoid leakage.

              This is a German system primarily for commercial use, but it can be used in some homes, as a residential system.  It provides excellent heat and hot water relatively inexpensively (after of course, the cost of purchase and installation.)  A limited number of these devices are available through special arrangement, for the colder parts of the United States.



Gorges Smythe said...

Interesting, but out of my league!

russell1200 said...

Hot water heating, including high efficiency hot water heating is not all that new. But the hot water you heat with is not usually what you take a bath in. Corrosion, fouling, etc. are big problems with these systems so the water in them is treated. Another issue is Legionella, which is not as uncommon as once thought. That being said, boilers, through a heat exchanger, can be used to heat your bath water as well. Not sure what the Germans are doing that is different.

JaneofVirginia said...

Mine too Gorges. I need to stick to the American systems that are not only commonly installed in my area, but that can be maintained and repaired by whomever is still in business when I need them !

JaneofVirginia said...

I think that particularly in colder parts of the US, boiler systems for heat and hot water are more common. This one is unusual because it uses a high tech controller unit to boost efficiency. Unfortunately, a set of dials controls its operation and they are symbols, like snowflakes, moons, etc. It can be difficult to understand and set the settings, or to make adjustments when needed.

This is one owner's experience:

Still, a fascinating system.

Thank you both for posting !

BBC said...

Don't need much of anything fancy in my little cave, most of the winter a heat lamp light keeps it warm enough.

JaneofVirginia said...

Keeping it simple is always best. If you have a large family, simple isn't always the easiest or best option. Thanks for commenting.