Thursday, May 2, 2013

Update on the Eileen Hart Case

This companie's motto is "Quality in Everything we Do".  How ironic.  Is honesty in everything they do extra, or just too much to ask ?           A "Full Service" Company ?    What would they do if you filed a formal request for an appeal of your taxes, break your legs ?

As I have promised, this is an update on Eileen Hart, the New Jersey homeschooling mother who, accompanied by her husband and young daughter, to a meeting in a community center designed to dispute her doubled tax assessment in a down economy.
     She admits to having read from the Bill of Rights and from the Constitution.  However, later that day, she was arrested, because employees of the tax assessment office alleged that she "made terroristic threats".   Strangely, no one at the meeting heard any of that, but we can't have people, particularly in New Jersey, disputing their ridiculous tax rates, can we ?
     I would normally paraphrase the article below, but it is so clear, and so complete, that you should read it in its entirety.
      It could be worse.  They could have shaken down Mrs. Hart for protection money in order to increase their revenue. Perhaps next year.
      I hope the State of New Jersey finds an entirely new company to reassess the property values of the entire state.  If these employees can't be trusted to tell the truth, then how can they provide an honest assessment of anyone's property ?

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Linda said...

That is frightening! Keep us updated. Thanks

JaneofVirginia said...

Certainly Linda. It's not often that we hear about such an egregious case.

Kristin said...

How lovely, the appraiser who made the 911 call is in a hip hop video about dealing drugs and the woman being screwed on her taxes gets her guns confiscated.

JaneofVirginia said...

Fortunately, when the case is complete, the guns are to be returned to her. I am just hoping that in what is often regarded as a corrupt state, that this resolves as it should. One thing is sure, a lot of people, all over the world, are watching.