Friday, August 3, 2012

Decisions Concerning the Publishing of a Rational Preparedness Book

        I knew this day would eventually come, and like many of you, I am in unfamiliar waters.  I have made money for years, on and off,  writing articles for nursing magazines, parenting magazines, health periodicals etc. and I am fairly comfortable generating useful information requested by a magazines on focused topics.  I quite enjoy writing articles on various aspects of preparedness, and this is largely why I devote a fair amount of time and research to this, and to my other blog.  However, now it is time, to locate a publisher for the book, "Rational Preparedness".  Yes, first it was a radio show.  Then, it became Rational Preparedness.....the blog.   There has always been a book on the subject, in the works, but it often stood aside for other projects.
              There are many decisions to be made.  First of all, if I place the work with a publisher who pays for all aspects of its being brought to life, then I lose a measure of creative control. Although I might make some cash for preps, I must proceed as I am told.   If I enter into a contractual arrangement where I contribute financially to the books production, then I may retain more rights to the work and a greater portion of royalties later.  Oddly, I realize I enjoy the journey of producing information for people.  I am less result driven than I had thought.
             I have some ongoing discussions with some publishers, but if you have suggestions, as a reader of the blog material, and some places where you would like to see the book go, or you would like to suggest or introduce me to a publisher, please let me know.   I already have retained the photographer, and have some ideas for pictures.
            Most publishers think the book should be focused on the task of introducing those who are fairly new to the concepts of preparedness, to key concepts and then fleshing the project out from there. I would love to hear your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Have you checked on doing a kickstarter?

JaneofVirginia said...

MacBeth, I had never even HEARD of Kickstarter ! For now I have out feelers out to people I know in publishing, however this is a different type of project than they normally publish. I would first like to look into conventionally placing it for publication. If I find that creative control or the message of the project is being altered, then I may research other alternatives. Thanks for bringing "Kickstart" to my attention.

kymber said...

Jane - i know nothing about publishing a book. but a book on preparedness written by you is something i would advertise on my blog...and i don't advertise!!! best of luck to you in this new endeavour...and mark me down for at least 5 books!

your friend,

JaneofVirginia said...

Thanks Kymber, It will be a while before it is ready, and I will work hard to make sure that it is worth reading !