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About Intershelter


  What would happen if you had already lost a home to a natural disaster, or if you needed to relocate quickly to a piece of land for a period of time, and that land was shelterless ?  An Alaskan company has an answer.  Built to withstand an 8.5 earthquake and Class 4 hurricanes, this shelter comes with component parts stacked like chips in a bag of Pringles.  The company says that two inexperienced people can carry the package which weighs about 55 lbs. to an area of their choice in a pick up truck and assemble it themselves in a period of two hours using a ladder, a screwdriver and a small pocket wrench.  The structure can also be disassembled and assembled elsewhere, and is felt to be able to last 15 to 20 years.  The beginning packages, depending upon size, range from $7,000 US-$12,000 US.  

The interior of this structure when added to.   Home kits can be combined to create larger units.

A bedroom to this structure, which can be made solar.

 These can be made bulletproof and relatively bomb proof with the added feature sold called "Dragonshield".  They are now found in 54 nations across the globe.

These are helpful links:

These units combined to make a durable and inexpensive structure.

Note: This pricing is correct as of the date of the posting of this blog entry.

Factor Direct Intershelter Dome Pricing
Item Price
Intershelter (20 foot w/ one custom door & two windows) $12,500
Intershelter (14 foot w/ one custom door & two windows) $7,500
P2000 Insulation Kit 20' $2,500
P2000 Insulation Kit 14' $1,800
Ground Flooring System (Instant military setup) $2,500
Ground Flooring System 14' $2,000
Custom Color (20 footer) $500
Custom Color (14 footer) $400
Custom Door (w/ lock, hardware, and installation) $500
Window (vinyl dual thermo panel) $300
Crating for Intershelter (crating not needed for bulk orders) $500
Crating for extra door frame $100
Crating for extra window frame $100
Quantity Discount Break Points
20 ft "Force 5 Dome" 14 ft "Survival Dome"
1-25 $12,500 1-25 $7,500
26-100 $12,000 26-100 $7,000
101-500 $11,500 101-500 $6,500
501-1,000 $10,500 501-1,000 $6,000
> 1,000 $9,500 > 1,000 $6,000

(****These prices were correct the day this blog post was created, but of course, could change at any time.  Please verify prices before ordering. )

Contact Details:

Intershelter, Inc.
Don Kubley, President
15945 Glacier Highway
Juneau, Alaska 99801
Phone: (907) 789-9273


Note from Jane:

I have absolutely no personal financial interest in Intershelter whatsoever.   I simply believe this is an intriguing idea at what appears to be an excellent price.  As with any product or offer, profiled here or otherwise, please do all of your due diligence, not only in ensuring whether these products will meet your needs, but also as to zoning laws and whether your subdivision, town,  township, county or region will permit such structures, and under what circumstances.

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