Friday, October 21, 2011

Now is the Time

It takes time and preparation to allocate funds to give the right Christmas gift, most especially in tough times.

This is an organized car kit. All over the world, one can buy a car kit, in every price range.

An emergency food kit which could be especially helpful should one need to evacuate.

Also emergency food for longterm storage.

Remember that for a college student living in an apartment, this could be a Godsend.

       We are some weeks from Christmas, and for most Americans,money is tight. I know that most of us want to give practical and helpful gifts this year, and not something that may not be used.  Since this is when a lot of people begin thinking about Christmas and presents for loved ones, I want to offer an idea.
     Perhaps this year, the most loving gift would be something which contributes to preparedness and survival. What better way to say, "I love you and want to make your path and your time on Earth easier".
There are lots of possibilities.  A pre-packaged car kit with jumper cables, emergency food, car repair items etc. could be a big help.   A cold weather pack for the trunk of your loved one's car might be welcome. A heavy blanket, emergency food and water, with firstaid kit etc. could be helpful. Some families are buying a one week food kit from Augason Farms or another provider of freeze dried foods this year. Wal-Mart could be a source of some of these things, as could Sam's Club online.  Amazon is also a good source of survival supplies especially of you might not have time to shop.   You could have things directly sent to relatives, as gifts, and have giftcards inserted.  You could make your own jams and jellies and distribute them to loved ones......always a welcome gift.   Another great gift is to go to and buy new books,CDs or DVDs,  very reasonably.    Ebay can also be another source of reasonably priced gifts.   Work on this early and chances are, you can do a good job, AND save money.

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