Saturday, April 26, 2014

On Emergency Pet Food


  Periodically I mention products I have found in my travels which might be useful to you.   These are items for which I receive no remuneration, and so I have no axe to grind.  I simply want you to know that they are available.

             Most of us have a supply of long term food for people, and we likely have gathered an extra bag of dog or cat chow.  However, those large bags of food will often not last as long as a year.  They can grow mold, and then they are simply dangerous to give to your pet.  I try to keep one or two bags ahead for dogs and cats, and then I rotate them.   Here is something else you can do.  You can stock some dog or cat food that really will last as long as ten years.

    At $80-110. dollars, this is quite pricey and so it becomes a later prep for most people.  However, it IS excellent quality food for your pets, and there is quite a bit of food per container.

Thanks for preparing for me too !

If you need dog or cat food for an Evacuation Kit, then Quake Care has some alternatives:

 Mayday Emergency Food packs is another pet alternative

They sell thirteen meals worth of dog food for under fifty dollars and it lasts five years.

Mayday sold on

Mayday Catfood on Amazon

This is also information for making your own food, should you be stuck at home for a longer emergency